Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sticks, and Stones, and Belts may hurt you -- but so do words!

I didn't expect my first "official" blog to be ... well, controversial. I expected to talk all about ME, and my family -- you know, kind of like a getting to know me blog ... well... it's not.

There will probably be some strong language -- but it's necessary.  So, no offense  :)

Yes, the judge who beat his daughter is a vile human being. The sad thing is, there are so many people out there who do the same, if not worse. In my opinion, her mother is equally as vile by allowing the abuse to happen. 

On FB -- the "Bible," there was a comment made about the judge -- him being a "pussy," "asshole," "faggot!" I have to say -- it upset me. One thing I have to clarify is, the person who wrote the comment, who I have never met in person, but do enjoy their comments, postings, etc., from what I have seen is a decent, talented, kind person (and believe me, I am not a suck-up, I say what I feel). My anger was not at them, and if it came across that way, I am sorry.The word offended me.

No, "cowardly cur" would not be strong enough of a slur for the judge. Vile, evil, pus-filled carbuncle, bully, scum of the Earth, cancer, and a gazillion others could be used to describe the judge, but "Faggot,"  really ???

It is a derogatory term for a group of people -- as is --  "Nigger," "Wop," "Gimp," "Dike," "Spic,"  "Kike," and many other words to describe a particular group of people.

People qualify using these words by saying ... oh, I have gay friends, black friends, etc.. Yeah... everybody has one.... or two, to make them "legit." Hey ..................let's invite the gay guy to Thanksgiving dinner... Wow, I have a black friend... so what. It isn't about whether you approve or disapprove of certain people. It's about using hurtful words. Oh sure, it's OK to call your gay friend a "fag," he smiles... says it OK -- REALLY??  Well, maybe so, but maybe there aren't such kind people out there who call their gay friends "fags," maybe underneath it all they are insecure, racist, slugs.

There are so many kids out there -- the majority being gay who are killing themselves!!!!  It obviously doesn't get better. Imagine losing a child....then imagine losing a child to suicide :(  If you think what the judge did to his daughter was horrible -- imagine a teenager going through the mental pain of being bullied for something he cannot help -- then ultimately killing himself -- physical wounds do heal. It appears the judge's daughter is doing well with her 15-minutes of fame -- she is putting up a united front with her mother (who DID NOT protect her). So yes, what her father did to her was reprehensible, but she appears to be doing OK -- but what do I know? I guess I will just have to wait until the book comes out!

I am not a fan of Michelle Bachmann (REALLY?) .. but I wouldn't refer to the judge as a "Bachmann." Even she doesn't deserve that -- and I am sure if someone was to write another descriptive comment about the judge, they would not refer to him as a "pussy," "asshole," "nigger," "piece of shit!"  Believe me, I have difficulty writing the "n-word," but.... I  believe it was necessary.

My intent with this is not to offend anyone -- and yeah --- "freedom of speech," -- I'm all for it, but there are so many descriptive words out there that do not hurt a particular group -- use them.


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