Monday, October 31, 2011

Maiden Voyage...

I certainly wish I was a "maiden,: but -- I am not!  Far from it. My maiden days are over -- way over. Anyway, After years of "assisting" my wonderful dog  -- Farfel, the ONLY Airedale in the Village, in writing his blogs, and after dabbling a bit myself years ago on that relic "MySpace," I have decided to blog!  Yay me!

Why do I think my writings will be worth reading? Well, I don't. This is a way of getting out all of my frustrations, anger, stress, and whatever else invades this old woman's mind.

I am sure there will be humor (I hope so), bitterness (post-menopausal ya know), informative, loving, thought-provoking, political (I really dislike Michelle Bachmann), sincere, and lots of other adjectives. 

My intent is not to insult, offend, hurt, or shock (well, shocking would be kind of good) anybody! If I do -- well, that isn't the purpose of anything I may write. I have been told I am "different," and I look at things from my own "special" point-of-view. Honestly, when I was told those things, I wasn't exactly sure if I was being complimented, or not  :)  I don't care  :)

Please feel free to comment -- good or bad, pro or con :)  

In the future I will be writing about my:
Family (How original)

Airedales (Yes, I am a dog lady)

My dating experience (Sad, very sad)

Politics ( I reaaally do not like Michelle Bachmann)

My "journey" with finding a "lump!" (OK, from this point on I will not refer to it as a "journey!)

Feelings (Oh God -- there's that word!)

Daily happenings (Because I am so darn interesting!)

And ... more...   :)

So fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride  :)  (I know, how UN-original!)
Smile ( It makes people think you are up to something)


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